Registration of a new Market Participant

New Market Participant

All market participants acting in the Nordic electricity markets have to have correctly established imbalance settlement structures in the eSett’s imbalance settlement system. Structures are used to represent the real world entities and their relations and therefore they are required for reporting of hourly metered values of time series, which again are the basis for the imbalance settlement calculations.

When new market participant is entering the Nordic electricity markets and starting its operations, eSett wishes that the market participants would proactively report their information as soon as possible towards eSett. Certain gate closures will be applied, which have to be met if market participants wish to begin reporting by some certain date. This is because eSett has to reserve some time to establish the structures and verify the connection between systems.

Please read the Guidelines for new BRPs if you are planning to enter the market as a BRP or set up a branch in another country. If you are planning to enter the market as an RE or set up a branch in another country, please go through country specific instructions in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Registering process