Our material bank includes documents and other files related to the Nordic Imbalance Settlement Model.

New Codes for the Finnish Market

Here you can find the list of new market participant codes and MGA codes for Finland. eSett has currently set these as alternative codes in Online Service. It means that customers may use the new or old codes in their reporting to eSett, but eSett will still use old codes when sending messages to market participants.

A missing new code in the list means that eSett has not been able to link any new code to the code which is currently used. No actions are needed if the market participant or MGA is not part of the Fingrid Datahub’s migration. Otherwise, the reason is typically that your data between eSett and Datahub does not match.

For BRP codes, eSett has expected that the BRP will use same GLN code as the retailer with the same national code, unless the BRP has informed its GLN code to eSett separately. If the retailer’s and the BRP’s GLN code are different, please send the correct BRP code to eSett.

New Codes for the Finnish market