There is a plan to establish a new role in the Nordic Imbalance Settlement model called Balance Service Provider (BSP). BSPs are market participants which provide balancing energy or balancing capacity or both to the Transmission System Operator (TSO). BSPs, such as generators or demand facilities, balance out unforeseen fluctuations in the electricity grid by increasing or reducing their power output as requested by the TSO. Each balancing energy trade from a BSP is assigned to a Balance Responsible Party.

The Nordic TSOs are gradually taking the new role into use. eSett will carry out the invoicing of the BSP on behalf of the TSOs at least in some of the Nordic Imbalance Settlement countries. To get ready for this market change, eSett has initiated a project to provide these services.

The main changes are:

  • Introducing the role of BSP in the Nordic Imbalance Settlement by splitting the current responsibilities of the Balance Responsible Parties (BRP) into two:
    • BRP – responsible for imbalances
    • BSP – responsible for balancing energy and capacity

eSett and the TSOs have decided that the first step towards a common Nordic BSP settlement and invoicing model will take place on 10.10.2022 00:00 CET. This step is a technical change on eSett’s imbalance settlement system creating the Nordic market a possibility to allow BSPs to operate in the market in the future.

Please note that the final implementation schedule is still open, and there may be a stepwise go-live per country. However, in all Nordic countries the current role of BRP will be split into BRP and BSP roles, and this will cause minor changes in messaging to all BRPs to keep the requirements and messaging of BRPs harmonized.

Materials related to the BSP model

A commissioning plan has been prepared to help the market to identify the changes that are relevant for them.

eSett has also published example outbound messages to help in the testing of market participants’ IT systems.

eSett has made a draft of the Balance Service Provider (BSP) version of the NBS Handbook. The draft is only available in English.

The aim of the BSP version of the Handbook is to support market participants in the planning and implementation of the new BSP model.

Swedish market participants should note that the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate has to date not approved  Sweden’s national terms and conditions for BSPs, and that the contents of this Handbook may therefore not apply to BSPs that may want to operate in Sweden in the future.

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eSett webinar: Technical go-live of the BSP model

eSett arranged a webinar about the Technical go-live of the BSP model on 20.9.2022.

A recording of the webinar can be found below and the material can be found here: