Imbalance settlement structures are the core of the settlement system and therefore it is crucial to have them correctly established. Market Participants' cooperation in the process is highly valued.

Imbalance settlement structures

On this page eSett shares lists of all market participants and Metering Grid Areas that eSett sees currently as active in the Nordic market. Along with these, eSett also publishes two status symbols; one representing the current state of market participants’ structures and another representing their ability to communicate with eSett’s imbalance settlement system. The latter part concerns only BRPs and DSOs.

This action has been requested by the Nordic regulators in order to increase the transparency and mutual understanding among the stakeholders. The purpose is to share the status of the imbalance settlement system in terms of structures and thus help the market participants to get a comprehensive overview of the overall situation and furthermore, to activate the companies which have not yet started the necessary actions.

This verification process shall be an iterative and continuous process and the key objective is to have correct data in the system when the responsibility of the imbalance settlement shall be taken over by eSett. Due to the relatively dynamic nature of the information, eSett will ask market participants to verify their information altogether several times before Go-Live.

The presented status symbols are based upon market participants’ own announcements. By default each status will be incomplete and marked as Need verification, until the market participants have confirmed eSett that the structures have been verified as correct and the connectivity established. The status lists will be updated on a weekly basis.

Click on the links below to browse the actual lists and read more detailed instructions how to verify your structures. Our mutual aim is to switch each and every yellow symbol to green – let us know how we can help you!

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