Imbalance settlement structures are the core of the settlement system and therefore it is crucial to have them correctly established. Market Participants' cooperation in the process is highly valued.

Imbalance settlement structures

On this page eSett shares a list of all Distribution System Operators, sorted alphabetically by Country of origin and Name, that eSett sees currently as active in the Nordic market. Along with these, eSett also publishes two status symbols; one representing the current state of DSO’s structures and another representing their ability to communicate with eSett’s imbalance settlement system.

The presented status symbols are based upon market participants’ own announcements. By default each status will be incomplete and marked as Need verification, until the market participants have confirmed eSett that the structures have been verified as correct and the connectivity established. The status lists will be updated on a weekly basis.

Distribution System Operators

The list below represents the current situation of Distribution System Operators in eSett’s imbalance settlement system.

Market participant acting in Distribution System Operator role verifies that the following information is correct and if not, fixes them. For those parts that are not available for market participants, they have to be reported to eSett via service request.

  • Company and Market Party details – Navigate to Administration -> Company Details / Market Party Details
    • Check Company / Company Branch information. Details can be updated via Online Service, but other changes have to be reported to eSett
  • Users –  Navigate to Administration -> Users
    • Create new or modify existing users according to your needs
  • Metering Grid Area(s) – Navigate to Structures -> MGAs
    • Check by filtering that you are able to find all your MGAs. If some information is missing, please contact your TSO or create a ticket
  • MGA Exchange market entity connection(s) -> Navigate to Input Data -> MGA Exchanges
    • Check required fields and provide all relevant information in the ticket for eSett to make the changes
  • MGA imbalance responsible retailer(s) – Navigate to Structures -> MGA Retailers
    • Check that all of your MGAs have correct Retailers assigned and make corrections in Online Service
  • Production Unit(s) – Navigate to Structures -> Production Units
    • Check that all Production Units can be found from the list with correct attributes and Retailers assigned. Corrections and new Production Units can be made via Online Service
  • Consumption market entity connection(s) – Navigate to Structures -> Consumption
    • Check that all Profiled and Metered Consumption MECs with correct dimensions can be found from the list and make all required corrections directly in Online Service
  • Service Providers & their access rights – Navigate to Administration -> Service Outsourcing
    • Check list of visible Service Providers on following areas: Market (structure data handling), Collateral, Invoices and External Interface (messaging) and provide all missing information in the ticket