Imbalance settlement structures are the core of the settlement system and therefore it is crucial to have them correctly established. Market Participants' cooperation in the process is highly valued.

Imbalance settlement structures

Here are common instructions for market participants how they should verify their structural information, connectivity and report the findings to eSett.

How to Verify Structures

General Instructions for Market Participants

All market participants are kindly advised to:

  • Log into Online Service
  • Check their own structure data as described in the role specific instructions under the structure lists
  • Inform that the structures are correct, or in case of inconsistencies
    • make the required changes in Online Service if use case is available, or
    • notify eSett about required changes via customer service request

The customer service request can be created on our website by submitting a designated form. The subject of the email confirmation is  “Service Request INC000xxxx has been created”. After the request has been successfully created, eSett will carry out the rest of the work and contact the ticket creator for more information if needed.

The following information must be included in the subject field:

1. Name of the target company (e.g Fingrid Oyj)
2. Name of invalid structure (e.g Production Unit, Consumption, Bilateral Trade)
3. Short but accurate description of needed actions

In the description field of the service request, please explain in detailed level what is incorrect and how it needs to be corrected. Remember to include ALL necessary information in the description of the ticket that you create. 

Please remember to fill in both the market participant role and code fields and update your name and telephone number in their own fields also.

Below is an example of a correctly filled service request. In this case, request relates to one missing Bilateral Trade. Please note that this use case is available for BRPs.
Service request

After all fields are filled in according to the instructions and example picture above, press “Submit” and wait for confirmation email (subject and content of the email is described above) with unique service request number. After this the dialogue can be continued until the problem is solved.
Internally eSett prioritizes requests based on structural data dependencies in the following order:

  1. Company/Company Branch and Role (BRP, DSO, RE) information in addition to MGAs and MGA Borders must exist before other related structures can be entered. Please notify eSett if you notice that some of these are missing. These are always created by eSett.
  2. Retailer Balance Responsibility relations are the core structures of the system and are needed to be in place for the step three corrections and cannot be created if some step one structures are missing. Available for BRPs.
  3. Structures related to Production Units and Regulation Objects, Consumption information, PX Trades and Bilateral Trades cannot be added before steps 1 and 2 are ready.

After eSett has updated and finalized the structure data and received a verification from the market participant’s contact person that the structures are ready, the state of the ticket will be set as resolved and the corresponding list will be updated as Verified for that particular market participant.

How to Verify Connectivity

Applies only to BRPs and DSOs

Please confirm via Service Request to eSett that you can connect successfully to eSett services (those that are applicable; Online service, Messaging service, Information service).

Connectivity has been fully established when the market participant is able to communicate with eSett’s imbalance settlement system in both ways (send and receive a market message via preferred communication channel / protocol) and user is able to log in to Online Service with provided credentials.

As with the structures, eSett expects to receive a notification from all BRPs and DSOs once they have achieved the connectivity.

Please note that if a company has multiple market roles, all of them have to be verified separately and eSett expects market participants to explicitly tell this in the ticket.

Click on the links below to browse the actual lists and role specific instructions.

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