Imbalance settlement structures are the core of the settlement system and therefore it is crucial to have them correctly established. Market Participants' cooperation in the process is highly valued.

Imbalance settlement structures

On this page eSett shares a list of all Metering Grid Areas that eSett sees currently as active in the Nordic market. Along with these, eSett also publishes a status symbol representing the current state of Metering Grid Areas. The MGAs are sorted alphabetically by Country of origin and Responsible DSO.

The presented status symbol is based upon market participants’ own announcements. By default each status will be incomplete and marked as Need verification, until the market participants have confirmed eSett that the structures have been verified as correct. The status lists will be updated on a weekly basis.

Metering Grid Areas

The list below represents the current situation of Metering Grid Areas in eSett’s imbalance settlement system.

Market participant acting in Distribution System Operator role verifies from Online Service that all relevant MGAs are included and have correct responsible DSO. Moreover the DSO must check that their MGAs have correct MBA and correctly set MGA Borders. All of these have to be separately verified per MGA by each DSO.