The plan in this project is that eSett will take over the tasks from Svenska kraftnät to 

  • calculate the profiled consumption values per BRP for imbalance settlement for each MGA 
  • calculate the reconciliation quantities and amounts per BRP in Sweden, and 
  • invoice the reconciliation amounts from the BRPs. 

The change will especially affect to Swedish Distribution System Operators that have BRP level profiled consumptions in their respective metering grid areas as input data reporting will be moved from Svenska kraftnät to eSett.  

Also, the Swedish balance responsible parties will be affected from reporting and outbound data point of view as all the reconciliation settlement related data will be provided by eSett. 

With this change we hope to achieve some benefits to the market participants, for example:

  • Data for weekly imbalance settlement and monthly reconciliation settlement is available from the same system.
  • Profiled consumption values are updated faster for the imbalance settlement.
  • The invoicing will take place faster and the processes are more automated.

Commissioning plan

eSett has published a commissioning plan for moving the reconciliation settlement and invoicing in Sweden to eSett to help the market participants with this change. The plan will be updated based on the updated information in the project. 

Reconciliation settlement Commissioning plan

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