Hi! I am Panu Matilainen, a second-year student from Aalto University. I started working at eSett at the start of this summer. Before applying for the job, I didn’t have a clue what imbalance settlement means, since it isn’t a very well-known area even in the energy industry. Fortunately, the NBS Handbook exists, and I was able to educate myself before the interview. Funny enough, I still use the NBS Handbook every day during my daily tasks.

I have enjoyed working here. From week to week, I was gradually introduced to different kinds of tasks that also my colleagues do in their work. The induction was performed both practically and theoretically with presentations, which I found optimal for my learning. When the holiday season started, I mostly performed the same work tasks as my colleagues, which taught and motivated me a lot.

The work demands a widespread understanding of the Nordic electricity market, but it is also necessary to understand some aspects on a more detailed level. I have found this sometimes a little bit challenging but yet enjoyable. Furthermore, the current state of the energy market makes coming to work even more exciting. I also feel that I wouldn’t have gained this much knowledge on how the Nordic electricity market operates and how it is structured anywhere else than at eSett.

However, I must admit that I was a bit nervous before the summer started, since this is my first office work experience. After I spent a few days here, the nervousness went away, because I couldn’t have asked for a better workplace atmosphere. Everyone here has been kind to me and helped me whenever I needed. I was also invited to the company’s summer day even though I hadn’t worked a full workweek yet. I had a good time and got to know my co-workers better. During this summer eSett has also organized an after-work sports event where I got to play padel for the first time!