Balancing Service Providers in Norway can decide whether they want to include the capacity settlement on their current Imbalance Settlement invoice or separate it to its own BSP invoice. If it is sufficient to have the capacity reserve products on the Imbalance Settlement invoice, no actions from the BSP are needed.

If there is a need to separate the capacity reserve products to its own invoice, a new BSP role needs to be created into eSett. If the BSP wants to have the capacity reserves invoiced from another bank account or with another currency than the imbalances, the BSP must sign a new bank agreement to be able to open a separate bank account for themselves for invoicing purposes.

Please contact eSett latest by September 2024 if a second BSP role is needed for your company so that there is enough time to sign the new bank agreement and set up the second BSP role into eSett’s system before the go-live.

With this change Statnett and eSett aim to simplify the settlement of balancing services as all information will be gathered in one place. Also, the invoicing of capacity reserves will be more straightforward once eSett is the one sending out the balancing capacity invoices to the parties.

Commissioning plan

eSett has published a commissioning plan for moving the settlement of balancing capacity procured in Norway to eSett in order to help the concerned balancing service providers parties with this change. The plan will be updated based on the updated information in the project.

Capacity Settlement Norway Commissioning Plan