This type of aggregated production offers Swedish distribution system operators a different way to model and report production alongside with Production Units. It will be taken into use for all units with capacity under 1 MW and will replace some of the existing Production Units in eSett’s Online Service.

Merged production allows to reduce the number of Production Units in the system and provides therefore an easier way to handle production as it requires less structural changes from the distribution system operators.

More information about Merged Production

The Ediel portal provides information on both the updated NBS Ediel guide and XML example documentation.

eSett has prepared an Information package to help the market to identify the change.
The webinar material provides more information about technical requirements, testing and the reporting around go-live 1.4.2024.

MEPI and Merged Production Data Package Examples

MEPI and Merged Production data package examples are provided below. Inside the files, you will find comments on all the key points that should be considered by the parties involved.

Webinar: Merged production in Sweden

eSett arranged a webinar on 29.11.2023, 12:30 – 13:30 SNT about the implementation of Merged production in Sweden. A recording of the webinar can be found below.

The webinar presentation can be found here. The Q&A part is included at the end of the presentation material.