eSett is building its readiness to support the balancing service providers (BSP) in the electricity market in the future. As a part of these preparations, eSett has published a draft of the balancing service provider agreement for market participants’ comments. This is part of the process where transmission system operators (TSO) can introduce the BSP model and/or move the BSP invoicing to eSett on a later stage decided by each TSO.

The BSP agreement will be used for the individual balancing service providers in Nordic countries when the transition to the BSP model will take place in each country. This agreement will not affect currently active balance responsible parties in imbalance and capacity settlement, as they can continue their operations under the current imbalance settlement agreements. Therefore, the BSP agreement follows the same structure as the current imbalance settlement agreement, but it has been adjusted to fit the balancing service provider concept.

Market participants are invited to provide comments to eSett regarding the agreement. You are welcome to send your comments to eSett’s email before 17.5.2023. Please use the header “BSP Agreement draft” in your email concerning this topic. The BSP agreement will also be discussed in the next eSett Customer Committee meeting which will take place on 11.5.2023.

If you have any questions related to this topic, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.