eSett has put in a contingency plan in case of our operations being affected by the Corona virus. This takes into consideration possibilities where eSett employees are prevented from either working in the office, or not being able to work at all, due to illness or quarantine by the authorities.

eSett employees always have the opportunity to work remotely which ensures continued smooth operations even in situations of issued quarantine or suspected infection.

eSett employees always work in teams where all members share the required knowledge to deal with possible absence of other team members. With this procedure we also ensure that ongoing operations of our core business are secured.

As long as we are able to get sufficient data for the settlement we aim to calculate settlement results as normally. At the moment we have not made a decision to increase collaterals but if the data quality suffers this might be required.

We will follow the government issued recommendations regarding

the Corona virus and update the guidelines for our staff as needed.