The total number of Balance Responsible Parties (BRPs) has risen from 178 at the end of 2022 to 188 by the conclusion of 2023. Notably, the number of BRPs operating across multiple Nordic countries has experienced robust growth, nearly doubling over the past two years. From the conclusion of 2021 to the close of 2023, this number increased from 17 to 31 BRPs. As of the new year, 16% of BRPs in the Nordic region were operating in more than one country.

The total Imbalance sales volumes settled by eSett reached 32.66 TWh in 2023, marking a 7% increase from 2022. Denmark demonstrated the most significant growth rate, up by 19% (from 5.42 TWh to 6.43 TWh), while Finland displayed a more modest growth rate of 8% (from 4.06 TWh to 4.37 TWh). Norway and Sweden, which collectively contributed two-thirds of the total imbalance sales quantities in 2023 – 12.93 TWh and 8.93 TWh, respectively – experienced only a marginal increase (<5%).

Total imbalance sales amounts in 2023 saw a significant decrease of 51%, dropping from 4 140 M€ in 2022 to 2 050 M€. This notable decline was a direct consequence of the energy crisis, which resulted in record-high imbalance prices in 2022. The average imbalance price in the Nordics decreased by 56%, dropping from 131.00 €/MWh to 57.71 €/MWh.