eSett has published the commissioning plan for 15 min imbalance settlement period on the project site. The purpose of the document is to describe the introduction of 15 min ISP from eSett’s perspective and help market participants in their adaptation. The document will be updated regularly based on the updated information on the project and input from the market participants. eSett will also arrange a webinar where the commissioning plan shall be presented. We will provide more information about the webinar during the upcoming weeks.

The commissioning plan describes on a high-level the time schedule and main points for the transition towards 15 min ISP. A bit more detailed information is provided regarding the effects of 15 min imbalance settlement period on business and market processes. The main focus is on the data exchange, but all the main process areas have been covered. In the end of the document there is some initial information about the testing, and also about risk management plans.

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