eSett will update its imbalance settlement system to a new version to support functionalities such as approval mechanism for bilateral trades, two new structure data flows and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports to Balance Responsible Parties among other improvements. The complete list of new functionalities and changes for external users is listed later in this article.

Due to the update there will be a maintenance break between Monday 10.12.2018 17:00 CET and Tuesday 11.12.2018 06:00 CET causing unavailability of Online Service and Information Service. Please consider performing possible structural changes and other verifications well before the above stated unavailability.

As part of the maintenance break there will be a period during which Messaging Service is completely unavailable due to improvements applied into the system infrastructure. The planned time for the Messaging Service outage is 11.12.2018 01:05 – 11.12.2018 01:50 CET. During this period eSett is not able to receive, store or send any market messages at all. Please take this into account when sending your messages to eSett and consider rescheduling accordingly.

Due to this inconvenience eSett will adjust gate closures for Bilateral Trade reporting as stated below:

Until the 11.12.2018 12:00 CET Balance Responsible Parties can update Bilateral Trade values for the affected Messaging Service outage time period 11.12.2018 02:00 – 11.12.2018 03:00 CET. The rest of the day, i.e. until 11.12.2018 24:00 CET, is for manual acceptance of counterparty values as usually.

The new functionalities and improvements for customers contains the following:

  • All users: Ability to allow Online Service user to request a user name if current user name has been forgotten
  • All users: Column width in Online Service will be adjustable by the user and columns can be reorganized
  • All users: Ability to allow user to choose to view data in different unit resolutions (kWh / MWh) in Online Service
  • All users: Ability to view minimum, maximum and average value, positive sum and negative sum in Online Service overviews for selected time interval (excluding drill-down views)
  • All users (availability of view may vary): Production Imbalance, Consumption Imbalance, MGA Imbalance and Balance report will show last calculation time
    • It is shown if calculation is ongoing, when it started and when it is estimated to finish
  • All users: Addition of timestamps in Online Service about last modification for each time series / hour
    • The last modifier is also presented, i.e. Online Service username or M2M username
  • All users: Online Service user is able to save user’s preferences
    • Ability to save settings such as time period and selected columns in the system
  • BRP user: New drill down possibility for Production and Consumption imbalance views
    • For columns normal production and consumption
  • BRP user: KPI reports available in Online Service for BRPs
    • Advanced settlement report (monthly / weekly)
    • BRP Imbalance KPI Reports (only own data for Finnish BRPs and data for whole country for Swedish and Norwegian BRPs)
  • BRP user: Bilateral trade approvals – counterparty BRP must approve new trades and changes to existing trades before they become valid in the system
    • This is a change to BRPs’ routines as change to a trade requires cooperation from both BRPs
  • BRP user: Inbound structural data flow – Bilateral trades
    • BRP can manage bilateral trades via market messages
    • Details available at
  • Nominated Electricity Market Operator user: Inbound structural data flow – PX Market Trades
    • NEMO can manage PX Market Trades via market messages
    • Details available at

These improvements and new functionalities are to a great extent based on received customer feedback, thus eSett wishes to thank everyone who has shared their improvement suggestions and visions with us.

Please do not hesitate to contact eSett’s customer service if you have any questions related to this update.