Svenska kraftnät will be transferring the responsibility for calculating profiled consumption data and conducting the monthly reconciliation settlement in Sweden to eSett. This change will take place starting from the delivery day of November 1st, 2023, and will affect Swedish distribution system operators and balance responsible parties that have profiled consumption.

Regarding delivery days before November, Svenska kraftnät will continue to manage them using the current model. However, it’s crucial to note that data for delivery days in November must be reported to eSett. We’ve worked together to minimize the impact to Swedish market participants, but there are still significant changes that require attention.

Here’s what you need to know about this change:

  1. Change in Data Exchange: The entity responsible for data exchange will shift from Svenska kraftnät to eSett.
  2. Distribution System Operators’ Responsibility: Distribution system operators will now be in charge of maintaining structures for profiled consumption in eSett’s Online Service
  3. Updated Reconciliation Invoicing: There will be updates to the time schedule and processes for balance responsible parties regarding reconciliation invoicing.
  4. Load profile should be sent as 15 min values to eSett from delivery day 1 November.

eSett strongly recommends that Swedish market participants verify profiling and reconciliation values via our Online Service before the reporting deadline. You can access these values under the “Input Data” or “Settlement” views. If you come across any errors or have doubts about the accuracy of the values, please don’t hesitate to contact eSett immediately. To ensure you receive related data packages, remember to subscribe to them on the Data Package Management page in our Online Service.

Please visit our project page or contact eSett’s customer service for more detailed information.