eSett will migrate the imbalance settlement system to a new data centre on Monday, 16th November 2020 after 18.00 CET. Because of this change, the IP addresses used for sending and receiving messages to/from eSett’s Balance Settlement solution, will be changed. While the DNS names for eSett’s services remain the same, the underlying IP addresses will be changed.

It is very important that customers’ firewalls are checked against this change, and if needed, configured to allow the traffic to/from eSett’s new source IP addresses. The current configurations allowing traffic as of today, must not be removed until this data centre migration is fully completed. eSett will publish a separate infoletter, when the current source IP addresses become obsolete and may be removed from the firewall configurations.

Therefore, we kindly ask all market parties to ensure, that their firewalls will allow the traffic from eSett’s new IP addresses. eSett will send all outgoing messages from these two IPs.


Old IP address New IP addresses Cut-off Date

Please keep this allowed until otherwise informed



The new IPs for eSett’s receiving messaging servers are listed for each channel in this same document in part “Here are some details for messaging channels separately”.


Maintenance break and gate closure adjustments


Due to the transition, there will be a maintenance break in eSett’s system when Online Service, Messaging Service and Information Service are completely unavailable. The estimated downtime is from 16.11.2020 18.00 CET to 17.11.2020 04.00 CET. We ask all market participants to reschedule their messages according to the exceptions presented below.


For bilateral trades, reporting for delivery hours from 16.11. 19.00 CET to 17.11. 06.00 CET will be possible until 17.11.2020 12.00 CET.


In Finland, DSOs need to report values for delivery day 5.11. at latest on 16.11.2020 18.00 CET.

In Sweden, DSOs need to report values for delivery day 4.11. at latest on 16.11.2020 18.00 CET.

In Norway, DSOs report to Elhub with regular reporting schedule.


Here are some details for messaging channels separately:



eSett’s SFTP host will have the same DNS address. However, the IP address will change during the maintenance break. If you have configured SFTP with IP address, please make sure that the new IP address is configured on 17.11., otherwise connectivity to eSett’s SFTP is not possible after the transition:


SFTP DNS name New IP address


SMTP (email)

eSett’s SMTP host’s DNS name and email will stay the same. However, the IP address of SMTP server will change. Thus, please make sure that you are able to send messages to the new IP:


SMTP host and email SMTP New IP address

New MX records 3600 IN MX 10 3600 IN A



Webservice URL will stay the same, but the IP address of the server will change:


Web service URL New IP address


No changes are required for our customers’ ECP configuration. It should be considered that there is a maintenance break for ECP during the transition. The downtime is the same as with Messaging Service.


Information Service

eSett’s Information Service can only be used for requesting data. For Information Service, its URL will stay the same, but the IP address of the server will change:


Information Service URL New IP address


If these changes are not implemented before the cut-off date, communication with the imbalance settlement system will not be successful. Kindly forward this information to your organizations IT department and help us in making this transition as smooth as possible.


In case of any questions, please be in touch with For more details about the data exchange with eSett’s systems, please refer to the eSett communication guideline.