eSett has published a draft of the Single Balance version of NBS Handbook on eSett’s website under both NBS Handbook and under Single Balance model material. The draft is only available in English for now.

The Single Balance version of the Handbook is there to support market participants in the planning and implementation of the new Single Balance model which will be applied from 1.11.2021.

The main changes in the new version are that the settlement model is updated from two separate consumption and production imbalance to single imbalance throughout the Handbook, and that the pricing model is updated to the single price. At the same time, the Handbook is updated to be neutral in terms of imbalance settlement period (ISP), i.e. any references to hourly settlement are either removed or replaced with an ISP.

Feedback and input to the Handbook is welcomed and can be sent to the following e-mail address: Please write “Feedback/input to Single Balance model Handbook” in the subject of the e-mail.

Feedback and input to the paper should be sent preferably as soon as possible, at the latest by 27 June 2021.