In order to keep the communication standards up-to-date and to completely support the integration of Denmark into NBS model, eSett will take into use the latest versions of XML Schema Documents (XSDs). The changes have been presented in detail in this presentation.

We expect to have the schemas updated during week 3 in 2021 in the production environment. We kindly ask market participants to ensure that their systems are then ready to receive the files with the new schemas.

The main impact will be on the outgoing dataflows from eSett to market participants (i.e. “Data Packages”) for which BRPs and DSOs have a possibility to subscribe for in Online Service. If a BRP or DSO doesn’t operate in Denmark, the main change will be in the Namespaces of the XML files as the namespace refers to the used schema.

All Business Requirement Specifications, User Guides and XML schemas for NBS model are available in

We kindly ask market participants to provide a feedback to eSett so that we could better understand how big impact this does have to different systems. If you have questions regarding this change, please contact eSett’s customer service.