eSett has earlier informed the market participants about the transition to new codes in the Finnish market. We would like to remind the market participants about this change and specify some more details.

Schedule for the alternative codes

eSett will implement the first phase of the new codes during week 8, 2021. In the first phase, market participants can report with either the old or the new codes, and eSett’s outgoing messages will still use the old codes. The acknowledgements which eSett send as a response to the market participants’ messages will use the same market participant code as the market participant has used in their message to eSett.

The second phase of the implementation of the new codes will be during the end of April, when eSett’s outgoing messages will start using the new codes. To make the transition easier for all market participants, eSett will also publish a list for comparing old and new market participant and MGA codes.

GSRN codes only for normal Production Units in the distribution grids

The new GSRN codes for Production Units will only be implemented for normal Production Units located in distribution grid MGAs. Thus, new codes will NOT be required for minor Production Units or for any Production Unit which is not located in a distribution grid. These units will continue using their current national codes.

New codes and information for market participants outside these requirements

For market participants in the Finnish market which are not required to start using the new codes, it is still possible to start using the new codes voluntarily at the same time as these changes are implemented for Datahub-related participants.

The market participant will need to apply for GS1 (and EIC for DSO’s MGA) codes and contact eSett latest during January 2021. More information about applying for the new codes is available on Datahub’s website both in Finnish and in English.

eSett would like to remind the participants who are not required to take the new codes in use, but will continue using national codes, that after the second implementation phase in April, code changes can also affect the messages that they receive from eSett. This is a result from when one market participants MGAs and PUs have taken the new codes into use and these codes will therefore also be included in the messages that the other participant is receiving.

For example, when the opposite MGA of an MGA exchange has taken a new EIC code into use, this new code will be used in the MGA exchange confirmation reports also for the market participant using the national codes, as the message includes an attribute referencing to this opposing MGA code.

Message examples

eSett has produced a few examples of outgoing messages for most common message types, to help the market participants see how this change would affect their messaging. These examples are available on eSett’s website Communication guidelines page under title “Data packages” and named “Example messages with new codes for Finnish market”.