Imbalance settlement structures are the core of the settlement system and therefore it is crucial to have them correctly established. Market Participants' cooperation in the process is highly valued.

Imbalance settlement structures

This page is used to share information for new market participants how to register their structures for Nordic Imbalance Settlement. eSett wishes that market participants would take the advantage and use the templates provided below on this page.

New Market Participant

All market participants acting in the Nordic electricity markets have to have correctly established imbalance settlement structures in the eSett’s imbalance settlement system. Structures are used to represent the real world entities and their relations and therefore they are required for reporting of hourly metered values of time series, which again are the basis for the imbalance settlement calculations.

When new market participant is entering the Nordic electricity markets and starting its operations, eSett wishes that the market participants would proactively report their information as soon as possible towards eSett. Certain gate closures will be applied, which have to be met if market participants wish to begin reporting by some certain date. This is because eSett has to reserve some time to establish the structures and verify the connection between systems.

Please read the Guidelines for new BRPs if you are planning to enter the market as a BRP or set up a branch in another country. If you are planning to enter the market as an RE or set up a branch in another country, please go through country specific instructions in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Registering process

The announcement of the beginning of the operation has to be made via service request in accordance with the following guidelines.

The customer service request can be created on our website by submitting a designated form. The subject of the email confirmation is  “Service Request INC000xxxx has been created”. After the request has been successfully created, eSett will carry out the rest of the work and contact the ticket creator for more information if needed.

The following information must be included in the subject field:

1. Text “Company registration”
2. Name of the target company (e.g Fingrid Oyj)

Remember to fill in ALL fields of the ticket that you create. 

After all fields are filled in according to the instructions, press “Submit” and wait for confirmation email with unique service request number. After this the dialogue can be continued until the structures have been set up correctly.

Internally eSett prioritizes requests based on structural data dependencies in the following order:

  1. Company/Company Branch and Role (BRP, DSO, RE) information in addition to MGAs and MGA Borders must exist before other related structures can be entered
  2. Retailer Balance Responsibility relations are the core structures of the system and are needed to be in place for the step three additions and cannot be created if some step one structures are missing
  3. Structures related to Production Units and Regulation Objects, Consumption information, PX Trades and Bilateral Trades cannot be added before steps 1 and 2 are ready

After eSett has finalized the structure data and received a verification from the market participant’s contact person that the structures are correct, the state of the ticket will be set as resolved.

Templates for Submitting the Structures

All market participants shall fill in the “Company” template and in addition to that, templates corresponding to the individual market role(s). Templates are named after the abbreviations of market roles, which are Balance Responsible Party (BRP), Retailer (RE), Distribution System Operator (DSO), Service Provider (SP), and can be found under the section “Templates”. “Connection details” template must be filled by those in need for machine-to-machine connection for messaging purposes, which in practice means that all but retailers have to provide this information.


Applicable to all parties:

Depending on market role:

Template for messaging purposes:
Connection details