Our material bank includes documents and other files related to the Nordic Imbalance Settlement Model.

Settlement Banks

To participate in the Nordic imbalance settlement, the Balance Responsible Parties need to obtain certain banking services from banks that have been approved by eSett to act as Settlement Banks. Here we provide information about approved Settlement Banks. Also prospective Settlement Banks can find information about the Nordic Imbalance Settlement model.

The settlement account has to be opened and the Pledged Cash Account Agreement needs to be signed by each Balance Responsible Party in cooperation with the Settlement Bank by the time eSett takes over the operational responsibility of the imbalance settlement and invoicing for the market participants in Finland, Norway and Sweden. The agreement template is available below and has been sent to the existing Balance Responsible Parties. New Balance Responsible Parties can request the agreement from eSett.

Collateral is a precondition to operate as a BRP. On-Demand Guarantee templates for existing and new Balance Responsible Parties are available below.

Information to prospective Settlement Banks about the Nordic Imbalance Settlement

List of approved Settlement Banks

Settlement Bank Agreement

Pledged Cash Account Agreement for new Balance Responsible Parties

On-Demand Guarantee template for new Balance Responsible Parties

Questionnaire to prospective Settlement Banks