Svenska kraftnät will transfer the calculation of profiled consumption data and monthly reconciliation settlement in Sweden to eSett. The change will take place starting from the delivery day of 1.11.2023. This will affect Swedish distribution system operators and balance responsible parties that have profiled consumption.

The delivery days before November are handled by Svenska kraftnät with the current model. The data for delivery days in November needs to be reported to eSett. Together we have tried to minimize the impact to Swedish market participants, but there are some important changes that are worth noticing.

The main changes are:

-The counterparty for data exchange will change from Svenska kraftnät to eSett
-Distribution system operators will be responsible for maintaining structures for profiled consumption in eSett’s imbalance settlement system
-Reconciliation invoicing will have an updated time schedule and processes for balance responsible parties.

With this change we hope to achieve some benefits to the market participants, for example:

-Data for weekly imbalance settlement and monthly reconciliation settlement is available in the same system.
-Profiled consumption values are updated faster for the imbalance settlement.
-The reconciliation invoicing cycle will be shortened and the processes are more automated.

More information regarding this change can be found on eSett’s project page where a commissioning plan is available. We kindly recommend reading the commissioning plan if this change concerns you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.