The main changes are:

  • The invoicing of balancing capacity procured by Svenska kraftnät will become part of eSett’s weekly Imbalance Settlement invoicing
  • Current imbalance settlement invoices will include balancing capacity products
  • The procured balancing capacity volumes and amounts will be visible in Online Service

Moving the settlement of balancing capacity to eSett does not require current balance responsible parties to carry out any new tests.

With this change Svenska kraftnät and eSett aim to simplify the settlement of balancing services as all information will be gathered in one place. Also, the invoicing of balancing capacity will be more straightforward once eSett is the one sending out the balancing capacity invoices to the balance responsible parties.

Moving the Swedish settlement of balancing capacity to eSett requires changes to the Swedish Balance Agreement. Svenska kraftnät will update the Balance Agreement during first half of 2023.  For questions regarding the update of the agreement please contact

Commissioning plan

eSett has published a commissioning plan for moving the settlement of balancing capacity procured in Sweden to eSett in order to help the concerned balance responsible parties with this change. The plan will be updated based on the updated information in the project.


eSett arranged a webinar about the Swedish settlement of balancing capacity on Tuesday 12.9.2023 at 9:00 CET. A recording of the webinar can be found below:

The webinar presentation can be found here. The Q&A part is included in the end of the presentation material in a written form.